Fall Leaf Clean Up in St. Louis, MO


House in Fall with leaves on lawnWhen the season’s change and the brisk air of autumn begin to transform the leaves into beautiful hues of yellow, red, and orange, this is the time homeowners start to see leaves accumulate on their lawn. Look to Baker Landscaping & Concrete, to be your trusted source for lawn maintenance in St. Louis, MO, during all seasons. It is important for property owners to maintain their overall landscaping investment through the fall months to ensure their lawn stays healthy and beautiful.

Our fall leaf clean up in St. Louis, MO, is a vital maintenance service to ensure your lawn is able to thrive. When leaves and branches begin to build up throughout your property, the accumulation on your grass can become too much and could cause your lawn to become suffocated. Autumn is the time to stay proactive especially before the winter hits because snow and fallen leaves can hinder your yard from growing, causing your grass to die.

Whether you are interested in learning more about our leaf services or our snow removal in St. Louis, MO, contact us today at (636) 282-4140 to schedule a consultation.