Irrigation Systems in St. Louis

Water being emitted from a sprinkler.

Have a smart sprinkler installed into your lawn and keep your yard looking healthy throughout the year with our advanced irrigation systems in St. Louis, MO. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to hydrating your lawn and landscape, that it makes sense to work with a team that understands both irrigation and innovation. Finding the right balance during every season can improve the look of your lawn and reduce the cost of irrigation.

Any lawn that lacks a modern system for irrigation could fall well short of your expectations when it comes to appearance and growth. The frequency of irrigation and the volume of water you use could end up limiting root growth or saturating the soil. Baker Landscaping & Concrete, LLC can evaluate your commercial or residential landscape and the condition of your soil and sod to determine what type of system makes the most sense for you.

Invest in an irrigation process that fits your needs and your surrounding landscape. We carefully evaluate the unique conditions of your lawn and design a system that addresses any compacted soil, high-traffic areas, and steep sloping. Advanced controls can be added to help you conserve water as well.

Precise Lawn Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler watering a lawn.

Navigate the complicated world of irrigation management and seasonal adjustments with a system designed by the people that know your lawn best. Our technicians are trained to adjust your irrigation design to address the periods of lawn dormancy and summer growth. The differences in growth with perennial ryegrass, fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass require specialized levels of irrigation. Understanding these differences is critical to the process of designing and installing irrigation systems.

While some believe frequent and brief periods of irrigation is the right way to go, this may lead to drought dormancy. Having one team that can manage both your irrigation system and your lawn maintenance gives you an advantage. Whether you have an existing system in place or you need a new system installed, we have the solution.

Intuitive Irrigation System Installation

A sprinkler watering a lawn in St. Louis.

We carry a broad array of lawn and landscape stream rotors and fixed spray heads that can be included in your exclusive design. Pay particular attention to flowers and terraced landscape beds with options for drip irrigation and make mid-season adjustments when it matters with our ongoing maintenance. We can prepare your system for a spring startup, and we’ll drain the system safely for any winterization and repairs.

We strive to provide efficient and effective services when it comes to your lawn maintenance in St. Louis, MO. Whether you need driveway pavers in St. Louis, MO or a modern irrigation system to help reduce water waste and costs, we can help you discover the right lawn care services for your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our landscaping company, contact us today at (636) 282-4140 to schedule a consultation.