Driveway Pavers in St. Louis, MO

Paver Driveway with Columns


First impressions are everything, which is why it is critical to invest in your outdoor hardscaping and landscaping. When you invest in our driveway pavers in St. Louis, MO, you will have pride in your space knowing that your home and business is the best on the block. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing business establishment, incorporating a paver driveway is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Baker Landscaping & Concrete, LLC is capable of deploying a range of assets to help you with just about any project you are planning. Our design team is ready to develop a comprehensive plan for your lawn and landscape that includes a driveway that makes a statement. With more than 20 years of experience designing and installing driveways crafted with concrete and pavers, we are the logical choice for your next project.

A durable and delightful driveway makes a great impression on guests and clients alike. So say goodbye to the cracked and deteriorating driveway you have been living with for years. Establish a path that enhances the value and appeal of your business, and save time and money in the process. When you sit down with a member of our team, we’ll provide you with a wealth of options to choose from. Find a paver that matches the look of your home and the demands of your business.

Streamlined Driveway Installation

A new driveway in St. Louis.

A new home is not complete without a driveway you can depend on. When the rains come, and the snows begin to fall, the ground around your establishment is sure to become muddy and nearly impassable. Going without a concrete driveway is not an option. When it comes to the group that you choose for the design and installation of your driveway, having options is essential.

Our skilled laborers come ready to work, with the right tools and training for any challenge they may face. A business cannot afford to be without a driveway for too long, so efficiency matters as well. You get a choice of pavers, and a range of options when it comes to patters as well.

Customized Paver Driveways You Can Afford

A new grey driveway in St. Louis.

Work directly with a team that offers quick installation and affordable pricing on all of their driveways and walkways. We take the time to get things right, but we will never waste your time with needless delays and hidden charges.

Enjoy a driveway that looks great and lasts for years to come. If you are in need of a new path for your business or a replacement driveway for your home, there is only one group with the right tools and training for your project.

If you are currently seeking landscaping companies in St. Louis, MO, look to Baker Landscaping & Concrete, LLC to help you achieve your outdoor goals. Contact our company today at (636) 282-4140 for more information regarding our paver driveway services. We are more than happy to schedule a consultation to discuss the different varieties of pavers that will best fit your budget. From retaining walls in St. Louis, MO to pavers, we are passionate about installing beautiful hardscaping features. We proudly serve customers in St. Louis and Imperial, Missouri, and surrounding communities throughout St. Louis and Jefferson Counties.