Retaining Walls in St. Louis, MO

Tiered Retaining Wall

Transform your uneven exterior into an appealing outdoor living space with our useful retaining walls in St. Louis, MO. When landowners struggle from uneven and unstable grounds, ambitious plans for a garden and patio may prove to be problematic. Our St. Louis retaining walls enhance the functionality of your land while also increasing your overall property value.

Baker Landscaping & Concrete, LLC is ready to design and build a custom concrete retaining wall that can become the foundation for the garden of your dreams. Our durable retaining walls can also provide structural additions to your space, including additional seating, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.

With the right wall in place, a steep incline can become the perfect location for new trees and flowers. Both residential and commercial establishments can benefit from a personalized wall built with stone, wood, or even authentic boulders. When you choose a contractor to make a wall of this type, work with one that takes the time to listen.

Detailed Retaining Wall Design

A sitting wall around a fireplace in St. Louis.

A client may choose to invest in a retaining wall for any number of reasons. You may need a wall to level any uneven ground near your home. Level ground may be hard to come by in your particular neighborhood, and unstable soil is ill-suited for the patio you have been planning.

Create an enclosure for your garden, and a series of surrounding paths that fit the overall design theme of your home. Beyond the purely aesthetic benefits of a new wall for your landscape, our designs can also help prevent erosion during periods of flooding.

Commercial Walls with Character

For added character and appeal, accentuate your retail establishment with textured retaining walls. Our walls give your landscape a natural look and an increased level of protection from erosion. Our garden retaining walls can be included with any master design you choose. These walls are built to last, and they are sure to be a hit with any neighbors and friends that stop by for the next outdoor cookout.

Modernize the look of your home without a great deal of added expense and complication. Our team of qualified contractors specializes in retaining wall installation. Add one to your existing garden or incorporate a series of walls into your plan for a new landscape. The challenging climate of Missouri shouldn’t prevent you from building the garden you want. Learn more about our landscape walls and our scheduled maintenance for your lawn during your initial consultation with our team.

If you are looking for landscaping companies in St. Louis, MO, look to our trusted name to help you achieve the outdoor area of your dreams. With the help of our retaining walls, a steep incline can become the perfect location for new trees and flowers. Contact us today at (636) 282-4140 to schedule a comprehensive consultation.