Snow Removal in St. Louis, MO


house in winterAt Baker Landscaping & Concrete, we are glad to be your trusted source for landscaping and lawn maintenance in St. Louis, MO. When seeking dependable landscaping companies in St. Louis, MO, it is vital you choose a partner that can solve your seasonal lawn needs. When it comes to the winter months, we believe you shouldn’t have to bear the cold alone. Our professional residential and commercial snow removal services strive to keep your family and employees safe. It is important to properly and regularly remove the snow on your property to help eliminate the risk of accidents on your land.

Plowed parking lotBaker Landscaping & Concrete has invested in the proper equipment and tools to offer property owners an effective and safe way to remove snow and ice. It is vital to hire specialists that have the knowledge and skills available to clear your walkways and parking areas to allow your place of business to thrive during the winter months. Our team of professionals can clear your property without damaging the landscaping or your building’s exterior, including your asphalt and pavement areas.

If you are interested in securing our company for your needed snow removal in St. Louis, MO, this winter, contact us today at (636) 282-4140 for a free estimate.